Mighty Men’s Group South Elim

At South Elim Church Manurewa, we have a  Men’s Group “South’s Mighty Men” that meets weekly at the church. 14 Men last night, such an on-fire group, going from strength to strength with God.

Some awesome news this week. One of our new members recommitted his life to God. Was really random, and really God – we were in twos going over the Steps to Peace with God tracts, and his commitment was for real rather than just the playacting that the rest of us were doing. He came and shared with me afterwards about it and we had a pray. Was such a privilege for the group  to be used by God like that.

The whole group was buzzing. Last year when we went through the same tract it was a bit of a fizzer. We got side-tracked into philosophy rather concentrating on the tract.

And why were we going through the tract? I had brought 4 of them to evangelism events over the weekend, and so I wanted to have some training on use of the tract. I saw last evening a real hunger for God and for sharing with others that I have not seen until now. Each of them have a tract that I am encouraging them to make use of this week.

Another of our members is buzzing totally, going from strength to strength. As a result of his growth, and in his going to the evangelism event at Pakuranga night markets Sat night, he used the tracts and the boldness he saw evidenced on the night, and brought his cousin to God. That is the second in his family that has become a Christian within the last month. From Black Power to evangelist, from drunkard to spirit filled and overflowing, from broken relationships to married and bringing others to more full relationships. He did not just take home one tract, but about 5. And I am sure that he will be using them all this week, let alone the pile that he will get through this weekend at the evangelism event at the Pakuranga night markets.

It is such a privilege to be able to be used by God like this. There is true revival in the group, a vigour for God that there has not been before.

Our God is an awesome God!!!

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