Jesus Saves

So you have heard about Jesus from people spreading the word in the Auckland night markets. Thank you for searching out this site to find out more about him. There is a purpose to life, we are not just a meaningless experience of life leading to death on this earth.

Jesus is the son of God, proven to exist by history, and who came to save us from the sin that separates us from God. He was the ultimate sacrifice, living a sin free life, and then dying and being raised to life on the third day, being more powerful than death.

Jesus came to set us free. He did not come to judge the world but to save it. He did not come as a king, but as a servant who washed the feet of his followers. He met with the everyday folk that the society of the day looked down upon, and also spent time with the religious leaders of the day, often finding them hypocrites.

God created the Earth and man and woman. He created with such beauty and sophistication that we are still unable to fully understand all of creation. When we look at creation, we see that there must have been a creator, as such sophistication is not possible by chance. If we throw paint into the air, while we may create a modern painting, we can not create a landscape painting no matter how many times we try. Landscape paintings are created, just as the Earth was created, by the use of skill and knowledge.

We sinned, and that sin separated us from God, work was cursed and child birth was made painful. God sent prophets to tell us about him and his people the Israelites offered sacrifices to cover the sin they committed. One final prophet John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus. Jesus was that perfect sacrifice, and opened the way for us to approach God directly rather than through priests. All have sinned and fall short of his ideal, but his blood covers our wrong, and the ultimate Judge sees that the wrong has been paid for and allows us to live eternally with him, to bring back the closeness man once had in the Garden of Eden.

We have this hope then, that we live on the earth for only a time, and then we are able to live eternally with him, in his presence. Through acceptance of his story, we are able to have peace within ourselves, with access to the Creators power, and prayer to enable his will to be done through us on earth as it is in heaven.

For more information, see the website (an independent website to us). Read through the Bible online, and find out more about Jesus Рsee the book of John on

If you have recently become a Christian, I encourage you to find a local bible believing church that suites your personality. I encourage you to maybe find an Alpha Course. These are a great way of finding out more about Christianity.